So easy…Peanut Butter…

I was asked by a friend to make Peanut Butter, I had tried the EDC version, but a chunkier version without oil was requested so I googled around…. I found this great ‘recipe’ which originated from the website but the link has been removed so I am unable to credit the source.

I love the fact I can season and sweeten to taste and once I have my daughter eating it I can reduce it as I go, now I said this was easy so there is no excuse and it tastes fab! Read more of this post


Thai marinade

As you might have guessed my cooking tends to favour Thai flavours and this marinade is no different!

I made this marinade at christmas and my kids even liked it…but I must admit for a three, five and seven yr old we are very lucky as we have gradually heat things up on them, but this can be as spicy or mild as you want to make it.  The beauty of this marinade is that you only need to coat in the paste just before cooking, although you can marinade for longer just make sure that the lime/lemon juice is added at the cooking stage or else it will start to ‘cook’ during the marinade process.


 1 small block Palm sugar (mine was 50g cut in quarters)

1 large Stem Lemon Grass

2 Pair Kaffir Lime leaves finely Sliced (I used scissors and snipped them into the bowl)

 2 Coriander roots

4 good size cloves of Garlic

 1 lge Red Chilli

20g Chilli paste

  40g Fish sauce

10g Olive Oil

 1 tsp Chilli Oil

1/2 Lemon Squeezed or a Lime  (can use some zest peel in stage one for additional lemon zing)


First mill the  palm sugar ( and zest if using) speed 9, 10 secs.

Add the  next 5 ingredients in the bowl (up to chilli paste)   7 Sec , speed 7. 

Add remaining ingredients, blend Speed 9,    10 – 30 seconds  depending on texture I made it quite fine for the kids.

Pour marinade over your chicken or fish what ever meat you want to try it with…I used chicken portions in the picture which I baked in the oven for 45 mins and served with steamed corn and a coriander and spinach salad. I actually preferred it with the diced chicken we served at xmas marinaded for 10 mins then quickly BBQ ‘d or pan fried.

I think this marinade will have scope for use in other dishes but yet to try it out so maybe a future edit or post to come!

Honey Barbequed Chicken Drumsticks

This recipe is taken from ‘The Dairy book of Family Cookery’ which I used as a child on virtually every home economics assignment as it was about the only cookbook we possessed… This was an old favourite, great for the kids which I have converted for the thermomix and thought I would pre cook the drumsticks in the Varoma to speed things up! Read more of this post

Team Newsletter June – 'Tomato Paste'

We have a great tomato paste this month contributed by a customer at our cooking class….

I tried this last night and served it as my pizza sauce, its sweet and not over concentrated so can easily be used as a pasta sauce.  My advise would be to add extra torn up herbs and add some bayleaves to boost the flavour base. I will definately give this one another go!

Check out our Lighthouse promotion ‘back to basics, baking secrets’ at Duncraig community centre 9th June its looking like a fun filled evening with lots of tips as always, waitlist may apply.

Dates at other venues available throughout June (see

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